Welcome to Weaving Threads.

Welcome to the world of Weaving Threads, a non-profit organization. We support the efforts of oppressed widows in India, to become self-sufficient through their own labor and the production of handmade items.

Our goal is to empower groups of widows to build self-sustaining localized communities. These communities will not only support their daily living but also give them hope for a better life for themselves and their children. It is essential that their lives be free of the torment and exploitation associated with Indian widowhood.

The widow population in India is somewhere between 35-40 million, the largest in the world. India is largely a patriarchal society and widows in some regions of India are amongst the most impoverished, socially ostracized and exploited group. They are marginalized, shunned, and often removed from their children. Abandoned by society, these widows lose their dignity and basic rights only to fall into an abyss of darkness. Some are forced to shave their head, smear ash on their forehead and are allowed only one meal a day. That meal is without any kind of seasoning or spices. The widows typically wear white, must not wear jewelry and cannot remarry. They have little to look forward to in life and nowhere to turn to for help.   

We brought together a group of widows from the Haryana state region in northern India, about 60 miles from New Delhi. These women gather from nearby villages at a workshop facility, where the widows have been training themselves for the past six months in the program that we have sponsored for their learning. Their backgrounds have been in hard labor at commercial sites or on farmlands. Until now, they had no experience in any kind of seamstress or needle work, nor have they ever had the opportunity for a chance at formal education.

The scarves we are selling represent the unique venture being launched to provide these women with an opportunity to change their lives. Your purchase will make it possible for them to hold on to that dream and take another step forward.

Our endeavor will be to replicate this model in other villages in India that have a high concentration of widows. 

We invite you to explore our website for more information or another purchase. We will soon be adding a link with information on each artisan and you will be able to follow the artisan that made your item as she makes this journey to a better future. You will be amazed at the power of your purchase!

The essence of the widow’s lives has been very well captured in the feature film, “Water”, written & directed by Deepa Mehta. It can be found on Netflix.